Three sauces (dips) for Cretan stuffed vine leaves


Tahini sauce

Greens & Yellows stuffed vine leaves

100gr tahini

30-45ml water

45ml olive oil

Lemon zest and 30-45ml lemon juice



2 garlic cloves (optionally)


Yoghurt sauce

Greens & Yellows stuffed vine leaves

200gr Greek yoghurt

15ml mustard

30-45ml olive oil

30ml lemon juice

2 garlic cloves


10-15gr dill

1 green onion

Paprika (optionally)


Avocado sauce

Greens & Yellows stuffed vine leaves

180-200gr avocado (weighed after peeling)

60ml olive oil

45ml lemon juice

1-2 green onions

2 garlic cloves



10-15gr parsley



Stuffed vine leaves are one of the most beloved appetizer (or main in some cases) dishes of Greek cuisine! Either stuffed with just rice and spices or with the addition of minced meat, you can easily lose count of how many you have eaten! In this recipe, we propose three modern ways to serve them and impress your guests!

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