Béchamel white sauce


1 lt milk

4-6 tbsp butter


Thin béchamel: 4 tbsp

Medium béchamel: 8-10 tbsp

Thick béchamel: 12 tbsp

*on its own or mixed with corn flour

2-3 egg yolks



1/2-1 cup grated cheese



Fluffy, delicious cream that never becomes clumpy. It remains smooth and silky. The ingredients are those of the classic “Greek” béchamel recipe (with eggs but without onion unlike the original French one). The proportions vary depending on the recipe we wish to make. If we wish to make mousaka or pastitsio, we prefer a medium béchamel sauce that remains firm but doesn’t become clumpy when our food gets colder. If we wish to make lasagne or cannelloni, we prefer a much thinner béchamel sauce while if we wish to make a pie filling, we prefer a thicker one.

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